Friday, 15 June 2007

LfN study day

I was invited to give an overview of Web 2.0 at an event organised for LfN (Libraries for Nursing) at Sheffield Hallam.

The theme of the study day was "Making Web 2.0 work for you and your library - the use of Blogs, Wikis and RSS in Health libraries" and it was good to see a number of speakers from NHS backgrounds as well as the usual suspects from HE.

The other speakers were mostly giving case studies and my brief was to put these in context and explain why we should be engaging with them - specifically asking where our role should go now that web 2.0 has made it possible for all internet users to participate in librarian-like activities.

As a former health librarian myself the day was an opportunity to catch up with former colleagues as well as learning about some interesting projects. All the presentations from the event can be found here.

I'll also be writing an article based on my presentation for the next LfN Bulletin, due for publication later in 2007.